Free PDF: 32 Surprise Benefits of Alcohol Freedom

One of the best ways to kickstart any lifestyle change is by hearing the testimony of friends. 

That's why we asked our friends, colleagues and members of the alcohol-free community to share some of their most surprising benefits of becoming alcohol-free or drinking less. Download for free below.

Who We Are

Hi! We're Carré Otis and Sarah Spinner, founders of the Bare Mama Project. Carré is a model, activist and the author of Beauty, Disrupted: A Memoir. Sarah is a clinical psychologist, executive coach, certified clinical hypnotherapist, and writer.

A little over a year ago, we each read This Naked Mind by Annie Grace. It completely transformed our lives. Annie's work inspired us to get deeply curious about alcohol and drinking: What would it be like to bring more mindfulness and awareness to our use of this substance? What could we gain or lose by doing so? Why did we drink when we did, and was it ever actually giving us what we hoped or believed it would?

Over time, we realized that we felt specifically called to help other Mamas rewrite their alcohol story. We were tired of the bullsh*t: The "Mommy's night out" cocktail mixes and cheeky "Wine O'Clock" jokes. Once we knew the truth about alcohol, we knew we had to speak out.

We decided to become certified in the revolutionary This Naked Mind coaching method and embark on the journey of helping other Mamas wake up to the truth about alcohol and drinking—in a shame-free space. That's what our online course, The Observation Project, was designed to do.