You deserve a private escape.

Join us in the Bare Mama Den, a virtual wellness retreat: 7 Days of guided meditation/mindfulness experiences designed to help you relieve stress, unlock your wisdom, and reconnect with your intuition.

You'll also get journal pages + suggested follow-up exercises for each day to further support you in reducing the self-talk and the habits that just don't serve you. 

There has never been a better time to turn inward.

With the external world in a state of chaos and uncertainty, we believe you deserve time and space to reconnect to your inner world.

That's why we created the Bare Mama Den, a free virtual wellness retreat filled with mindfulness exercises and wellness practices.

How To Enter The Bare Mama Den


How does it work?

The Bare Mama Den is a virtual wellness retreat. We want this content to be accessible to anyone who needs a space to disconnect (or reconnect) and turn inward. Entrance is free, and there's a key for everyone — all you need to do is enter your name and email on this page.


Is it only for mothers?

Nope! Our founders, Carré and Sarah, identify as women (she/her/hers) and as mothers ("Mamas"), but we welcome you wholeheartedly—whether you have kids or identify as a mother/woman or not.


Can I contribute?

Please do. We are actively seeking out donations in forms of meditations, talks and wellness practices. If you're interested in sharing your content with the Bare Mama Den, please email [email protected] We can help you facilitate if you're not used to sharing online.


Who We Are

Founded by Carré Otis and Sarah Spinner, Bare Mama Project is a private community centered around gentle, shame-free alcohol education.

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